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Homemade Pizza

As a pizza lover and critic, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share my own at home pizza making. I make my sauce on Thursday night, the night before the rest of the pizza, so it can simmer a good while. I use Sargento Mozzarella and an imported

Parmesan, standard toppings. Today I added some mushrooms.

I bake my pizza in a home oven at 475 degrees (F) for about 13-14 minutes. The cheese has a beautiful color coming out of the oven, and a key to know it is done is some dark spots on the crust.

Results are generally similar, crust is medium thickness, sauce plentiful. First bite says the dough will dominate the taste battle. Very easy to digest, I eat 1/2 the pie.

The ratings: Red Barron 79%, Pizza Nook 90%. Looking forward to our next outing with the Pizza Nook.


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