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Tuscan Grill & Café - 337 Broadway, Menands, NY

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Friday night is Pizza night for the Pizza review team. Tonight's review comes to you Thanks to Tuscan Grill +Café in Menands NY.

Ordered a pizza to take out as we felt like dining home this day. A Large Pepperoni was in our hands in no time. It left an impression, this Pizza was LARGE, We selected our slices and right off the bat said wow, this is really good. I know it's a little early to make a judgment but it was good. Let me fast forward, we really enjoyed eating this pizza because as you can see from the Picture it looked kind of perfect. It didn't disappoint it was really good. It has a sweet sauce, a thin but firm well cooked crust and the cheese seemed to be evenly spread out over the whole Pizza. We complemented this Pizza from start to finish and wished everyone put a Pizza together as well as the crew from the Tuscan did.

We could go on with the compliments but lets just score it. The Red Barron was impressed and scored it a %96 and the Pizza Nook scores a %97. We don't know if Menands is out of your way or not but we recommend you buy a Pizza From Tuscan Grill + Café.


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08 maj 2023



13 feb. 2023

what is this? Who is that guy, did you pay him? I i do a review will you pay mein Pizza?

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