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About Us

Hello, I am the Red Baron and I love pizza. I have a partner called the Pizza Nook who shares our love of pizza. Together we seek out great pizza. We have both have worked in front of a pizza oven, myself very part time but the Nook has plenty pizza experience. My partner is also a legitimate cheese expert with 5 years experience working solely on different cheeses. Together we and with the recomendations of amatuer pizza lovers seek out the best. As soon as we hear someone say "you gotta try this pizza", that's exactly what we do.

We respect all the local pizza shop owners and their staff and know how hard they work. You will hear us both say "Pizza is serious business" quite often and we mean it. When you take a look at some statistics about pizza consumption that we will provide I think you will also say, "whoa, pizza is serious business". Pizza helps our community and puts smiles on faces when consumed. Pizza making provides jobs and paypacks for many and serves as an easy and delicious dinner night for extra busy parents. We love our work getting to review pizza for you. Please feel free to make some recommendations in our comments section. You can expect a new pizza review about every 6 days. Here's to great pizza. -Red Baron and the Pizza Nook.

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