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Angela's Pizza +Pasta Glenmont NY.

Here we go with another local Pizza review. This night it's Angela's Pizza and Pasta in Glenmont NY. Had a few people recommend Angela's and there online presence lead us there eagerly. Angela's is in a market/mall setting with easy parking. Got in line and gave our Pepperoni Pizza order to a friendly staff member who was just outstanding all night. Angela's had a decent amount of people eating in and Pizza were flying out the door, all good signs we believe.

Our pizza arrived promptly and we couldn't wait. You can see this pizza looked really good, and extremely hot out of the oven.. First slice selections made and here we go. Bite 1 excellent even with the pipping hot sauce and crust. Bites 2 and 3 had us talking. Wow, crispy, and this has a signature sauce I'd like to know more about. After we finished slice one we said lets review because after this were just gonna eat and enjoy. Crust very light and crispy, sauce was way above most pizzas. Cheese was pleasing and melted just right on the dough. Did we find any fault? If I had to search for something to detract from this awesome Pizza it was extra oily. I am not complaining one bit, but if anyone out there isn't

in the mood for some extra olive oil maybe you should steer clear, but on this night it was working for us.. Can you tell we loved this authentic Pizza, especially there secret sauce. The counter help employee checked on us many times and was just great at his job which made this a great experience. So if your looking for new Pizza places to try, consider Angela's, it was very good.

Our scores were Red Baron a %92 and Pizza nook a % 93. The Pizza was delicious and almost feel we could have gone higher. Angela's, great place for Pizza.


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