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Variety Pizza Deli + Bakery - Albany, NY

Got a review for you all this week coming from Variety Pizza Deli and Bakery at 1112 Madison Ave Albany NY. Our Pizza spot this week seems to have been around Albany Much longer then most of us are old so why not get a Pizza and see why so many people told me to try there Pizza.

Decided to order by phone and drive it home as the eat in seating availability was confusing. So the Nook and I got the Pizza home and it looked really good, our weekly Large Pepperoni. Our fault the drive home in cold weather forced us to reheat the Pizza so no knock on Variety. First bites we right off the bat tasty but no judgement yet. Finished the first piece and noted there was something a little extra good thrown in there but what? Second piece made us both agree that the cheese and sauce were above average and good. Pepperoni was also pretty tasty. So we put our thinking Pizza caps on and say what's making this Pizza really worth it. The dough although reheated had a little something extra thrown in and I cant say we could identify it. There was a lack of crispness but we take the blame for that because of the drive home. So the Nook and I agreed that if we had had this Pizza straight out of the oven it would have made the all-star team because we finished it all and were impressed.

We both enjoy eating our pizza and would buy one again and wouldn't hesitate to tell you to try one yourself. We take the blame for the reheating as that doesn't reflect the true Artwork of a well made Pizza. I score this Pizza an 89% and the Nook says I should go higher and she scores it a 91%. Heck, these are good scores. Thankyou everyone , more reviews to come as we recently took on what some say is the Capitol districts best Pizza Place. Care to guess where, stayed tuned. RB + PN

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08 Φεβ 2023

Next time you go there get a sub sandwhich.

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