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Giuseppe's Pizzeria & Deli - 450 3rd Ave, Watervliet NY

Went to Giuseppe's in late summer but just getting around to this review now.

I remember we couldn't find a pizza place to review and realized we hadn't done a lot going toward Watervliet. The all-American city certainly does boast a lot of everything a small town should have. Lets see how there pizza families hold up.

Right from, the start I could feel we were going to enjoy our experience because the young lady on the phone was super patient with us and gave us so many helpful tips on how to get there and were to park. We parked no more the 50 feet from the place and as we entered were greeted like they knew us. Two nice gentlemen showed us were to sit and made small talk. We ordered our pizza and they said they were busy but would make sure we ate as soon as possible. That was pretty cool. Our food arrived faster then expected and you can see it just said Italy all over it. I usually like to go into detail about all the ingredients and crust etc. but in this case I'm only going to say the pizza was really good. Cut perfect and presented very well. I remember we finished it off and the owner laughed some and said, I can see it was pretty good huh. We had no choice but to agree!

I guess I'm going to ask our loyal following to trust us on this one and get a Pizza from Giuseppe's. The family atmosphere was not an act. Truly nice people and a good place to eat.

The nook and I plan on going back again but right now we have to score the pizza. I say a %93 is a fair and honest score and the Nook noted what a hot summer it was(scorching heat) and said because the cooks were working so hard 1 bonus point was added and she scored it a %95. Lets make it simple, go get a Giuseppe's Pizza. RB +PN


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