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Domino's Pizza East Greenbush

Let's try some take home pizza from old reliable Domino's. What needs to be said here everyone at one time or another has had Domino's. A cold Friday night said lets stay in and have Domino's drop us off a Pizza. The Nook took the controls ordering and has a great story about the ordering process. Apparently there are several versions of crust you can get and a ton of topping combinations. We ordered the hand tossed large pepperoni and we were informed they all come with a buttery garlic crust.

Pizza arrives om time and it looked exactly as you'd expect a Domino's Pizza to look, kind of puffy and cheesy in appearance. First bite made us feel like amateur's because it feel is very different then most local pizzeria's. Kind of stiff to feel. We finished our first piece and said we better get serious and do some scoring here. Our observations were, very crunchy and crackly crust and bottom, but not in a bad way. We both found ourselves going for a full on review of the crust and agreed the buttery garlic crust was kind of tasty. In all honesty we found ourselves complementing the taste and moved on to slice 3 each. Sauce gets an OK but our smallest of problems were the lack of sauce. What sauce there was tasted pretty ok, but it needed a little more.

Not to deceive anyone we finished the Pizza off and had no complaints, maybe the ordering system. If you can get threw the phone ordering you shouldn't be afraid to order a Domino's pizza it was kind of fun to eat. Definitely meant for kids B-day parties or a day at the bowling alley.

So our scores were, Red Baron %78 and the Pizza Nook %76. Not Bad! Seeya very soon for more local Reviews.


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