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Brad's Pizza - West Sand Lake, NY

We're back folks, with plenty of new pizzas to review. Took some recommendations to go try Brad's Pizza in West Sand Lake so off we went. Convenient side of the building parking gave us a good start. Now lets see if Brad's measures up. Ordered a large pepperoni pizza to a very friendly staff member. Pizza was out in exactly 15 minutes. While we waited we watched many pizzas go out that door for delivery and also pick up. Our pizza arrived and as you can see it was a beauty. Very first bite was very hot but we knew we had stumbled onto a really good pizza. We both finished piece one rather quickly and discussed which next piece looked like our favorite. Ok, so some of our observations were, really nice tasting crust, a little bit different then a lot of other places and crispy. Cheese laid on a little heavy but who complains about a lot of cheese on pizza night. Now, to my favorite part, the sauce was maybe sweet maybe tangy, I'm not sure and neither was the Nook. But, the sauce made usconverse awhile about how much we liked it. Nook said, this combo of tangy sauce and a flavorful crust is really great and Iagreed. There was also plenty of olive oil but not too much. Another highlight of Brad's was the staff was extra courteous to us. They really tried to make our Pizza Night a nice experience..

Our scoring goes like this, Red Baron scores Brad's a %93, and the Nook scores a %95 and talked quit a bit about how much she liked Brad's Pizza. Is Brad's worth the trip, yes it is. Very good Pizza. Thank you all, Red Baron and Pizza Nook.


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