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Buco Nel Muro - Latham, NY

Here we go, Pizza night with a great new review. Today's review was initiated by a local Restaurant manager who said, give Buco Nel Muro @1214 Troy Schenectady Rd a try. Buco sits in a fun inside outside type food court setting with a friendly atmosphere. Upon entering the Nook and I were greeted by other big shots in the pizza world and thought we must be on to something good. Buco also uses a wood fired oven which usually makes pizza eating even more fun, lets find out.

Ordered a pepperoni pizza and as you can see it looks pretty amazing. Not the biggest pizza but cant wait to dig in. Bites 1, 2, and 3 were done quickly and we both said, wow, this is really good. The oven does make a difference. Nook said the cheese and crust were well above average. Being a cheese expert she enjoyed the extra parmesan and Basil leaves in the sauce. I myself liked the sweeter then usual sauce and crust and also put it above average. The aroma of our pie was that of a nice olive oil and garlic. I usually like putting the crust aside and saving it for later but when the crust is this good it cant wait for amateur games. Overall this wood fired pizza , the good weather and the fun environment made for a nice pizza experience. The owner also added to the night by being very accommodating and friendly. I feel safe speaking for the Nook and would recommend you giving Buco Nel Muro a try. Simply put, a really good pizza that I would like to eat again. Final score, Red Baron %90 and Pizza Nook %96, wow.

Don't be afraid to make a recommendation because the Nook and I wanna try them all and report to you. See ya soon. Red Baron and the Pizza Nook.


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