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Crispy Basil - Latham, NY

Our job working for you the people who love pizza never ends. Our quest to find great pizza continues this week at the highly recommended crispy basil at 571 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham NY. Arrived at rush hour 6pm on Friday night. Pizza were being rushed out the door by delivery people non stop. which we took as a good sign of things to come, but let's see. Ordered our standard 1/2 cheese 1/2 chicken parm pizza. And I must say the counter people were very friendly and made us feel at home. We watched our pizza being made from our table and were quite impressed. Pizza arrives at our table on the pizza paddle and it added a nice touch. Wow, the pizza looked great as you can see. Slices pulled apart easy and straight to our plates after our slice selection was made. First bite was impressive, a standard Italian pie cooked really well. The pizza nook again was impressed with the chicken parm taste and appearance. adding, the pizza has a light feel to it and at the same time very hearty. I myself was impressed with the lighter texture and feel of the pizza in your hand and mouth. I found myself 3 slices in before I realized it. Pizza nook spoke at length about her praise for this gem of a pizza. Myself being a sauce lover wished it had a little more sauce but was more then content with this very good tasting pizza. We both reached for the bites of

crust remaining and shared conversation while doing so. Overall our experience and level of enjoyment at the crispy basil was high up the list. We both recommend that if you are looking for great pizza go there and enjoy yourself. My score is a solid 90% and the Nook scored a whopping 98%..Thanks for a great night of pizza Crispy basil.

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1 Comment

arda ülgen
arda ülgen
Feb 20, 2022

Great pizzas.I reccomend it to anyone.keep coming back here

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