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Cugino's Pizza Review

Today's pizza journey took the Pizza Nook and myself, the Red Baron, to Cuginos at 240 Broadway Street in Rensselaer, NY. Cuginos came to us through 2 strong recommendations. As always, we dined in, and were very pleased with the friendly staff and their service.

Now to the main event. We got what we ordered, a half Chicken Parm and half cheese large pizza. First impression: appearance A+, a good looking, appetizing pizza. Next, the pizza was better than the recommendation. It was cut perfectly and tasted great. You can really tell when high quality ingredients are used. It had a medium-thickness crust cooked perfectly. It is always fun when you can't decide what is best, the cheese, crust, sauce, or toppings.

So, for the ratings as always, we score on a 100 point basis. Red Baron: 96. Pizza Nook: 97. These scores come with a "highly recommend".


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