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Cusato's Pizza - Albany, NY

Another Pizza review coming up, Today at Cusato's Pizza at 605 New Scotland Ave Albany. Hey the name Cusato's and pizza in Albany just kind of go together, always have. I don't know all the back stories but were going to order there Pizza and see what's up.

Easy parking close and an easy line to navigate and we were underway waiting for our Pepperoni Pizza to arrive at our table. 19 Minutes later and here it comes, a beauty.. It looked so good we actually took our time making selections. Piping hot right out of the oven didn't stop us from digging in. After only 1 bite we both made noises that said this may be really good. 3 bites in we assured each other, oh boy, this is the real thing. I loved the sweet sauce and maybe a splash extra of olive oil. Nook said hey lots a crunch in the crust and a whole lotta flavor. Maybe it sounds odd, but boy this pizza was the max. The Crust and underneath were done to perfection, light and crispy. The pizza looked so robust but was actually very light like you weren't eating anything. All the ratio's were in order so the only thing we had to do was enjoy the meal.

OK did we fall in love, well yeah a little bit we did, but not to the point of losing our professional status, we have to score this masterpiece. My score will be based on this, appearance, taste, ratios and quality ingredients. Check, check check, and check, yes its all there. Might I add the nook who is dieting got a little cross eyed eating her share, did i mention we finish the whole pizza? The Red Baron scores this Pizza a huge %97 and The Pizza Nook scores a % %96. I don't remember who is our #1 scoring Pizza so far in this journey but Cusato's was right up there with the big guys.

As if you cant tell, yes we recommend you get a Cusato's pizza soon. Man, our job is getting good. Seeya soon. RB+PN


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