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Elias Pizzeria - East Greenbush, NY

Got put in the back of the line at a local FANCY pizza joint and decided to go to an old reliable Elias Pizzeria at 685 Columbia Turnpike EG. If you've driven in East Greenbush in the last 100 years or so you've definitely driven by or had Pizza at Elias. The place seems to have been there forever so lets find out why.

Ordered a large pepperoni pizza and took a seat to dine in. If you've ever thought this is what a pizza place looks like well here it is. 5 or so pizza experts running around taking orders and rushing pizza out the door for delivery. Our pizza did take 25 minutes but they warned us ahead of time they were busy, Good for them. As you can see our pizza looked great and we were warned be careful its HOT. The pie was was cut really well and we got pizza on our plates without an issue. First bite couldn't tell much because it was still smoldering. Decided to wait 1 minute then dug in. Lets get right to the critique, maybe a little short on sauce and a little heavy on olive oil. Saying this, I love a little extra oil and so did the Nook. We both finished our first piece at the same time an were eyeballing our next selections. Nook said, hey this is one of those pizza's that get batter as you eat more. The Nook was right, piece#2 was really good and I noticed our conversation slowed to enjoy pizza.. WE finished off 3 each and were satisfied really well and had leftover for home. I cant say this pizza was a game changer but man it really was tasty, a little sloppy and a lot of fun to eat. As a special bonus we had the large pie and 2 soda's and it came to under $18.

Our score on Elias pizza are, Red Barone %87 and the Nook %93. Averaging these scores out does kinda make the honor role so to speak. Would we recommend you get an Elias Pizza Pie. Yes! Just plain fun tasty pizza, no wonder they've been around so long. See ya soon we have plenty more reviews to score. The Red Baron and The Pizza Nook



May 02, 2022

Why did you get kicked out of the other place?

May 08, 2022
Replying to

2 hour waiting line

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