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Goomba's Pizza - Castleton on The Hudson, NY

Another frigid night was not going to interfere with a must review at Goomba's Pizza at1570 Columbia Turnpike Castleton on the Hudson. Some might say this is in the middle of nowhere but lets see if it was worth the trip.

We entered Goomba's at around 6pm and noticed a few people in line for pizza and delivery people coming and going. To the untrained eye this is meaningless, but to true pizza lovers we know this must be something good getting ready to happen. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and enjoyed the nice atmosphere. The 5 or so man crew was hustling in the back non stop.

Our pizza arrived and you can see it was a beauty. The pie was cut perfectly to help with first slice selection and the Pie was in the to go box which I appreciated it , just makes things easier. First bites were hot as the pie was very fresh from the oven I said hey Nook, lets take a few bites before we pass judgement. Ok 3 bites or so in we both said, wow, this is really really good pizza. Let me go step by step with the breakdown. Our crust made a noticeable crunch when biting in, awesome. The sauce was well spread out and the cheese was melted perfectly which made this night more and more fun. The Nook with pizza experience noticed a high quality pepperoni. I will admit there was some seasoning i don't want to guess on but it worked on this pizza.. The nook attempted comparing it to a few other places but admitted this was top level pizza we had found. The owner came out and asked us how our meal was and was very friendly. We exchanged a little pizza chit chat and we told him what he already knew. He and his crew were pizza masters.

We took very little home from Goomba's and it got eaten the next day, even good warmed up a day later.

So to the business side of things. I thought Goomba's was about as close to perfect as a pizza gets and the score should reflect it. Nook agreed and mentioned going back here even when were not on the pizza reviewing job. Red Baron scores a %96 and Pizza Nook % 91. Yes we recommend you try Goomba's and enjoy a great pizza. See you all soon. Red Baron and the Nook.

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1 Comment

Mar 27, 2022

I agree this is good pizza.

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