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Great Value Pizza

Back to the frozen pizza review we go. Todays frozen Pizza comes from the WalMart frozen food section, and there signature Great Value line of foods. Our great value price was $2.99.

We picked up the pepperoni pizza and rushed it home. The pizza label boosts of a rising crust and whole milk mozzarella. The pepperoni also claims very real and legit meat sources. Into the oven at 400 degrees for 23 minutes.

Our pizza came out plenty hot. In all

honesty it did not look terrible. We cut the pizza and both put our slices on plates for the taste test. First bite made me say the sauce is not bad actually, but then things went sideways. I saw the Nook struggling with her first bite as I found myself chewing a little abnormally long. We both forced ourselves to go further and give a fair review. I found that each bite made me chew the crust far to long and there wasn't any crispness to speak of. Nook named a variety of things she thought it tasted like but none of those were pizza. Sorry, I couldn't get past the dough being to doughy and I'm sure it was cooked long enough, 23 minutes plus a bonus of 2 minutes just to be sure we had this right.

I guess True Value pizza would do if I was forced into an extreme budget mode, but we are not not there yet. The redeeming quality was the low price and simple instructions offering an easy meal. I'm sure Nook and I wanna forget this pizza experience and move on. No disrespect intended. Finale test scores, Red Baron %61 and Pizza Nook %52.

More reviews to come this week. Let us Know what you'd like us to review. Red Baron and Pizza Nook

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