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Grecian Gardens - Clifton Park, NY

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Back to work we go finding great pizza in the area. Working solely off recommendations about pizza we had strong recommends to go visit the Grecian Gardens restaurant for a great pizza. A crowded Friday night told me this place must be good, looking at the crowd on a cold night. Once at our table we ordered slightly different today but still within our review parameters. The nook and I ordered a large 12 cut from the menu with a meatball topping. Friendly service and 12 minutes found us looking down at a good looking pizza pie. My only knock for today begins and ends here. No effort put into the cutting of the pizza, definitely a rush job to get the food moving out of the kitchen. First bite delicious, everything you'd expect from a pizza was there. Really good cheese, nice touch of olive oil, and a traditional sauce, very good. The Nook seemed to be in love with this pizza but couldn't put her finger on why this was so flavorful. A few more bites and we both agreed it was the dough and especially the crust. Hands down the best we have tasted in a pizza crust. Perfect medium size and shape but wow they used something to really put it over the top. The nook and I found ourselves looking for more crust to eat and clean the olive oil and cheese off our plates. To be honest we didn't bring much home, but what we did bring home we cant wait to dig into. Overall, the Grecian Gardens pizza was so worth the trip. We recommend highly and our scores should reflect it. The Red Baron scores a 94% and the Pizza Nook scores a 99%. Drop us a line and tell us were you think great pizza is, we would love to review it. Wow, we love our job. Signing off fore now, Red Baron and Pizza Nook.


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