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Gustos Pizza - Delmar, NY

* A Super special Pizza review today. The Nook is away so I'm going this alone. Todays its Gustos Pizza at 180 Delaware Ave Delmar. Had a Local Pizza big shot go out of his way to make me a pizza for review before he departs the country for his home land of India. He became a pizza professional in his spare time when he's not doing engineering and business deals, no kidding. The pizza was delivered to me at my job so I had to bring it home and warm it in the oven. As you can see it looks really good, lets hope for the best. When you pick up a slice its very light and you can feel the crispness right away. The first thing that strikes you is some kind a extra tang in the sauce which I immediately said to myself, hmm, very good. Being so this its easy to eat and piece 1 was gone in seconds. Like i said the dough was light and I attacked slice 2 and decided to pay more attention. Everything was spread out really nice on this Pie, and every bite tasted identical. Cheese really good, sauce as I said very good and the crust light and crispy.. Yes, it also seemed to have a little spritz of olive oil so all the ingredients were there. The maker of this pizza is very anxious to receive his score but it has to be honest for our pizza loving subscribers.. After 3 pieces i feel qualified to say this Gustos place should not get ignored, its really good pizza. It is a large Pizza, easy on the eyes and like I said, its light tasty and identical every bite. Definitely a New York style Pizza.

Ok my score today is a %91 and that makes the honour roll. Would I say go buy a Gustos Pizza, YES. My guess is they make it this way all the time. Thankyou all. The Red Baron of Pizza


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