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Hill St. Cafe - Albany, NY

Impromptu Pizza review night as major Albany business people offer to buy Pizza Reviews a free Saturday night dinner. The big wigs from Brilliant Lab Creations say let's go eat some dinner and review a pizza or two.

Entered the Famous Hill St Café to a crowded march madness crowd but manage to get a table. Diner orders were placed in addition to 2 pizzas for review. Everything arrived on time and looked pretty good as you can see. 1 Cheese Pizza and 1 Pesto pizza only because our big shots didn't want to comply with regular ordering rituals. Either way, let's eat pizza. I have to admit the Nook and I have had our share of pizza lately so I went into this maybe a little less excited then I should have. We both grabbed our 1st piece of cheese pizza and gave a shocked look all around the table. Everyone at the table said holy &^*% this is really good. Our cheese Pizza was unexpectedly really good, and I only say this because I didn't know Hill St Café specialized in Pizza and neither did our group. Nook said, wow, the cheese crust and sauce is close to perfect especially the crust. I had to agree, the crust was crisp yet chewy with a little bit of oily goodness. Our armature Pizza reviewers both said, yeah, this is really good. Off to the next pizza. First bite said here we go again with the really good crust but all the extra's onboard isn't my thing. Nook said its good but not as good as the Plain cheese. Our friends simply said they are both good.

Do we need more details here? Ok here goes. I think the Hill St Café put a lot of effort into putting out a really good tasting and looking pizza. The proof was in the pie. Would we recommend you get a pizza here, well yes. Order the plain cheese pizza, but, be a little careful because Madison Ave has gone a little down over the yrs. Still a fun place to eat a pizza.

Finale scores, the Red Baron %92, The Pizza Nook %91 Brilliant Labs President %100 (amatuer) and Presidents GF %100 (amatuer). I won't complain about the amatuer scores, they were paying.

Thank you for checking in with us and look for a lot more in near future.

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27. mar. 2022

I wish they stabbed you.

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