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JC's Deli - Colonie, NY

Sorry we have been gone a while folks, but after eating some local pizza we are reinvigorated. My generous boss hooked up his employees with free pizza Friday from JC's Deli in Colonie. We received a variety of 4 different pizzas all looking like they came right from the birth place of Pizza Napoli's. The pizza comes in a approx 12 to 13 inch Pie. All perfectly charred and shiny to the eye. I choose the Pepperoni and dug in. First bite is usually not my signature review moment but wow, this pizza is really good. Next bite straight to the crust and as hoped for a nice crackling crunch and lightness at the same time. You can tell these pizza makers know exactley what there doing and use the best ingredients and best oven in the area. The bites got better and better with perfect amount of sauce, cheese and olive oil. Someone did there home work.

Scoring, I was on my own on this one but I will make sure the Nook get some of this pizza in the near future. The Red Baron scores this Pizza a %98.5. Nearly perfect!!! Go get a pizza at JC' Deli Colonie.


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