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Jonathan's Pizza - Albany, NY

Frigid Friday night found the pizza review team at Jonathan's Pizzeria at 31 North Pearl St Albany NY. Our intel told us this is a big State worker dining spot. So, we had to give it a try for you. We had no trouble ordering as the lunch crowd was long gone and the evening diners hadn't found there way out yet. We ordered a large Pepperoni Pizza and took a seat in a cool looking dining area complete with the red checkered square table cloths. Our pizza arrived right on time and was cut very well, with no trouble selecting our opening slices.

Here is where things get funny. The pizza Nook said wow, this is really good pizza as I was only into my second bite. She said it again so I had to form my opinion I felt. Oh no, the Nook and I just might disagree pretty badly but honest scores must take precedence. I let the Nook say her piece praising the entire Pie, crust, cheese and sauce. The nook took piece number three as I was half way done with number two. Nook went into great detail about why she felt this pizza was great. I reserved comment but honestly wasn't impressed. She thought the dough flavorfully I thought bland, she said the cheese was top notch I thought it was thrown in the middle of the pie and was soaked in grease. Nook liked the sauce and I thought it was absent and not involved. Either way I guess reviewers will differ from time to time but this night there was a big difference in opinions. Maybe thats why there are so many pizza places, different tastes for different tastes.

To wrap matters up. Jonathan's was a nice atmosphere, conveniently located and a couple nice men were on staff. Our scores on this night were the Red Baron %71 and the Pizza Nook %93. WE both hope all your pizza nights out are

great ones. See ya soon.


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