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Kay's Pizza - West Sand Lake, NY

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

This is a "vintage" review from before our pizza review site went live. You will notice the reference to summer when this is being published in a cold November. But we still wanted to share with you our experience at Kay's Pizza for when warmer weather returns. Without further ado...

A warm summer day brought the lovely Pizza Nook and myself to the famous Kay's Pizza in West Sand Lake. Even though we critique pizza, I have to briefly mention the atmosphere and energy that surrounds the event of eating at Kay's. Lots of locals and travelers are willing to wait happily for the famed pizza. Tonight was no exception but somehow we had a table in minutes.

Our waitress was prompt and I noticed about 15 waitresses at a fast pace. The pizza arrived at the table in 13 minutes and was very pleasing to the eyes. We ordered a pepperoni and mushroom 8 cut.

They cut the pizza nicely but getting it to the plate does take some skill. What I am saying is the pizza is a touch sloppy (not a bad thing). The first bite was wonderful- great cheese, olive oil, with a medium crust that gets a little dominated by the toppings. I was totally into my pizza night and the atmosphere at Kay's is great. I ate 3 slices and Pizza Nook 2. The food put a smile on both our faces. I gave Kay's a thumbs up but must point out to other pizza lovers, if you go to Kay's, expect a pizza that is delicious but a touch sloppy. There were toppings and cheese sliding off with more to spare left on the pizza. Not a bad thing if you are not eating on the go.

The Pizza Nook's first experience at Kay's was a good one but she also mentioned the looseness of the toppings and slices.

So our scored today: Red Baron 94%, Pizza Nook 93%. We both recommend Kay's for the pizza and atmosphere. Til Later, RB & PN.


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