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La Bella Pizzeria East Greenbush

A shorter review today as i was on my own without The Pizza Nook. My People from the East side of the River said try La Bella Pizza, its been there forever and its good, so lets find out.

Ordered a Large pepperoni pizza on a very hot Friday night. On a weird note the Cashier gentleman asked me to buy a second Pizza for some special price, i just found that to be a little weird but maybe not. Got the pizza home and as usual it look pretty good, i like the shiny look of extra oil. First bite impression said hearty pizza, kinda a mouthful. Finishing the 1st piece my reaction was, this is very very filing and heavy. My opinion was the cheese was laid on kinda thick, the sauce average taste but not bad and the dough on the thick side .I cannot honestly say the crust was crispy and thats just something i think has to be there for a great pizza. I ate a total of 3 pieces and needed no more. 3 Pieces was very filling and heavy. If you've been a pizza lover for a long type i bet you can picture the type of pizza I'm describing. Heart for sure but not going to be my choice.\

I give credit to the guys working a Pizza oven on a hot day like it was, but i still have to score the Pizza. I score la Bella's a %65 Don't hate, we all have a job to do. See you all soon. The Red Baron


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