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Madison Pizza Albany NY

Hey you all, Pizza is serious business, that's just a friendly reminder because this week we saw a pizza team hard at work. Our review brought us to Madison Pizza at 846 Madison Ave. A Friday night Pizza rush hour is when we showed up. Parking actually not bad. Starting things off we ordered a Large Pepperoni Pizza from a very friendly staff who were very accommodating. waited 18 minutes and the Pizza was ready. Decided to eat at the park across the St in beautiful weather. Opened our Pizza box and you can see it was a beauty. Both the nook and I stared at our Pizza long and hard trying to figure out which beautiful piece would make us happy. 1st bite very hot sent a message from mouth to brain, good pizza. They say you eat with your eyes first and I think that's correct, our pizza was shiny all the way around. Very nice use of olive oil we said. Next few bites told us both this is not only good looking its very hearty. I was done with my first piece in no time and couldn't wait to jump on #2. Oh yeah, Nook was ready also. Slice 2 we said lets take this serious and critique this Pizza. Crust, very crispy a nice color cooked really well. Cheese better then the sauce but they did match up well. The dough although cooked perfectly may have lacked some pizzaz, just a little plan or average. Slice 3 i think we stopped critiquing and were eating out of love for pizza. This was a nice Pizza and great outdoor dining. Did I mention yet we finished the entire pizza? Well we did and that counts for something, maybe only our second time eating and entire pie while out on assignment. Madison Pizza put smiles on our faces without any bloating.

Ok to the scores. The Red Baron scores Madison Pizza a % 92 and believes a higher score is so close, they really were good. The Pizza Nook scored a %93 and says those guys were very nice and made pizza reviewing fun. I realize everyone in the area knows about Madison Pizza already but we recommend you get a pizza from them again. A very impressive Pizza making team in there. Seeya soon, RB+ PN.



Jun 20, 2022

How do we know where your going next and at what time, maybe people want to see the review to see if your legit.

Aug 14, 2022
Replying to

Just let us know when you want to go

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