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Maggie Mcfly's Crossgates - Albany, NY

Special edition Pizza review as our team took a special guest Pizza reviewer to work. Our reviewer Marissa suggested Crossgates Mall's Maggie Mcfly's as our pizza destination.

A busy Saturday night didn't stop us and we found ourselves seated in no time and ready to order. Tonight a 2FER, ordered 1 cheese Pizza and 1 Pepperoni so that everyone could eat and judge fairly.

Our pizzas arrived rather fast which was good and you can see they looked pretty good. Maggie Mcfly's Menu boosted of many locally grown and produced items so we are all hoping for the best.

The review team selected slices and said ok lets go and dug in. It did not take long for all 3 voices to chime in and say hey, this is good pizza. I reminded the crew lets not get casual and do our jobs and break this down for the folks at home. Our cheese was maple brook farms mozzarella and I must admit it is slightly different and really good. Everyone agreed on that. The crust was tasty but nothing out of the ordinary and if we had to critique maybe lacked some crispy crunch. The sauce was also good but possible a little lacking. Not a great deal of olive oil either but adequate. Saying all this may sound like we are being harsh but no, not at all. Whoever in the back made these pizza's did a really good job with ratios and appearance. All 3 pizza reviewers said this is really good pizza, even more so as we continued eating.

Lets go to the scoring. Our amateur friend scored our Pizza an %85 after we explained our scoring criteria. The pizza Nook scored Maggie Mcfly's a % 83 and The red Baron an %82. This was a little weird scoring we admit today, as the scores don't appear to high but in reality it was really good pizza. I'd say without hesitation get a pizza here. We all enjoyed our Pizza at Maggie Mcfly's.


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