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Marino's Pizza - Schenectady, NY

I was somewhat overwhelmed by a entire group of Pizza lovers who almost in unison said, go to Marino's Pizza in Schenectady. The group seemed quit sure it would be a winner as many said they had great pizza there before. Off the Nook and I went to seek out a possible great pizza, but report are findings regardless of the results.

Arrived at Marino's and put ourselves in the waiting line for a table which after some confusion wasn't long at all. Ordered a large 8 cut pepperoni pizza right within the view of the 3 man pizza making team. what an impressive performance the pizza makers put on as pie after pie came out of the over to hungry patrons and delivery people. Our pizza arrived and was served up very nicely after a picture or two by a very pleasant and helpful server. As the picture shows the pizza was good looking and really ready to be eaten.

The first bite I usually hold back judgment but not today. Wow was that impressive. Nook reacted early and said holy cow this is good. 2 more bites in and I have to tell you, I was looking forward to getting filled up on Marino's Pizza. Made sure I took a bite of the crust next and it didn't disappoint, crispy soft and flavorful. Our table really did have the aroma of garlic, olive oil and sauce in all the best ways. I ate 3 pieces and a part of me wanted to finish the whole pie off but I like taking some home. 2 pieces made it home safely but not for long. Nook said this has to be one of our highest scores to date and I had to agree.

On top off all the great pizza talk Marino's atmosphere was bustling with Pizza excitement for real. I can see now why they have a following. The show the 3 man pizza team put on was great on its own but meeting the owner who was very nice and asked about our meal was like dessert. Did I mention our server was into her job and is an asset. What a great experience this was.

Now to our scores which is the business end of what we do. . What choice do I have but to give Marino's Pizza and Restaurant a score of %97 and The Nook a %96. We both wish all our pizza adventures would have results like this. Our strongest recommendation is get a pizza at Marino's, I feel very confidant you're gonna enjoy it as much as we did.

Till next time Red Baron and The Pizza Nook.

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