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Mercados 2 - Castleton, NY

A cold Friday night would in no way stop the Pizza Nook and myself, the Red Baron from our pizza duties. Strong and multiple recommendations about mercado's 2 italian restaurant and pizza came into our pizza hotline. So off we went.

As usual we ordered a large pizza half chicken parm and 1/2 cheese.and as you can see from the picture it came out beautifully. Wow, good looking pizza. After only 1 bite the Pizza Nook was in pizza ecstasy and I recommended she slow it down a notch. Mine was also very good but the Nook was on a roll, saying it was the best cheese she's had on a pizza and her chicken was seasoned beyond comparison. Not one to be swayed I then started examining every bite. Yup, it sure was delicious. To me it was a great combo of seasoned crust olive oil and cheese all coming together. Being a sauce lover I personally think coulda used a little more of the red stuff. We both ate a little more than usual and the box to bring home leftovers was barely needed. It's strange that my companion and i both said the same thing. We weren't full after that feast.

I've always believe when you get great quality food you suffer no overfull feelings at all, and we didn't. The nook said,hey that musta been healthy pizza, and in a way yes.

Overall a great experience and i now also recommend Mercados 2. A delicious meal. Can't wait to see what the nook scores this one because she definitely talked about this alot. The Red Baron %94. and the Pizza Nook %100. Our first ever perfect score. Ok see you all in another 6 days. RB+PN


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