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Milano Pizza - Albany NY

A heavy hitter with much pizza authority messaged our humble pizza team into action. We took the message and were off to Milano pizza at 1800 Western Ave Albany NY. for what our informant said would be a super great pizza.

We arrived on this cold evening and were greeted by a very nice owner hustling to and from his oven station. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and were told to have a seat. Our pizza was made almost before our eyes which we always find very exciting.

We got our pizza in no time and as you can see it was a very good looking creation .We selected our first pieces and went for it. Due to our own impatience to eat we found the pizza pulled apart loosely probably due to it just coming out of the oven. I cannot blame the cut if it was user error. We can move on from that. Our first bites immediately caused us both to say , hey this is good pizza. My partner exclaimed more then a few times that this is really good pizza and commented on the cheese and crust many times. I liked the pizza very much but did notice what I considered a little bit to much oiliness. To me it makes the pizza tastier but a touch harder to handle and eat. None the less this was a very flavorful pizza.. The Milano staff was very busy hustling pizza outta the shop while we sat and enjoyed our pie. Overall this was a winning night out doing our jobs for anyone searching out great pizza locally. The Nook and I both endorse buying a pizza from Milano. Very tasty indeed!

Our Finale scores are. The Red baron %92 and the Pizza Nook %92. Get ready for many more reviews to come, we are just getting warmed us and there is no off season.


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