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Nic's Trattoria - East Greenbush, NY

Got our reservation in on time this week and now we finally get to try Nic's Trattoria pizza, East Greenbush. Right outside parking, so no problems there. A very nice dining area, and comfortable. But hey we are here for pizza, so lets go. The pizza is maybe a 12 inch size so Nook and I decided to order two. The first a pepperoni and the second a five cheese blend. Pizza arrived quickly and they had their own classic Pizza from Italy look. Very nice, we agreed. I took the first piece of pizza the pepperoni and dug in. Right away you will notice something. The crust sat high but was super light and super crispy. Folks, you cannot do better then this. No greasiness, no heavy feeling, just a light crispy superior crust, someone did their pizza dough homework. The Nook bit into her Cheese pizza and noticed the same thing with hers. Now I will go on to tell you the usual, the sauce was good, the cheese was good and yes there was plenty of olive oil. Saying all that, its just hard to get past this crust, it stole the show. I think we both giggled saying try this piece of crust next, now try this piece. Our pepperoni pizza was excellent, and after 1 piece Nook and I decided to just not finish the 5 cheese blend Pizza because as great as the dough/crust was, the ricotta dominated the taste a little too much even for cheese lovers. So here is how we are looking at things. Our pizza's were made professionally, that's for sure. Our pepperoni pizza was definitely very good. and I'm going to just tell you I have to rate there dough/crust the best we have had. What a predicament, how to scores today's pizza. Well after weighing all factors I will say nook and I enjoyed eating Nic's Pizza a lot. My score for Nic's is a %92 and the Nook scores Nic's a solid %89. We have to admit our score here is a little skewed because of the two pizza thing. Would we recommend Nic's, well YES of course, only if you wanna taste and experience the best crust we've had so far. I think it's hard to beat those wood fired Pizza ovens. That was another fun night of Pizza. See ya soon. RB + Pizza Nook.


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