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Noho's Pizza - 195 Lark St Albany

A must try review was given by a local big shot who runs a lot around Albany. Won't say his Brand name but if you can't guess who ,well, that's just a "Tragedy" Go to long established Noho's Pizza on Lark St. and see what you think. Who could say no to this serious request and off we went.

Arrived at 545pm on Friday night and expected chaos on this busy Albany St, Actually it couldn't have been easier as we parked right outside and found ourselves in the ordering line right away. Ordered a large cheese pizza from a very pleasant staff member. Found a table by the door and waited for our Pie. The pizza arrived in an average amount of time and it looked pretty good or average depending on how you want to see it. The pizza was nicely cut and easy to get to our plates. A few bites in The Nook and I both agreed this pizza was pretty tasty. We both agreed that we need to step up our game and examine what's going on with this pizza . Bite after bite told my mouth this is pretty good but nothing stood out. The pizza appearance , shape and ingredients were all to be expected from a pizza. Well there was the answer. Everything was average. The crust semi thin, the sauce sweet and usual, the cheese ok no excessive greasiness.. So there was our answer, our pizza was just that, very average and ok. Any complaints on our part ,NO. If there was a bonus to Noho's Pizza it was the price. We Got a large Pizza and a water for Under$12.00 maybe the lowest price we have paid on our Pizza explorations. Noho's has been around forever for a reason. There Pizza is Good and it probably is just that all the time.

To the business end of things the scoring. Would we recommend Noho's, well yes if you just had to have pizza. Would we necessarily drive a long way to get it, well that's up to you. The Red Baron scores Noho's a good%84 and the pizza Nook %92. These are pretty good scores for what we paid.

Having fun finding great Pizza Red Baron and the Pizza Nook.

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1 Comment

Mar 13, 2022

I gotta agree with the review: good pizza nothing that really stands out. The price is nice though.

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