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Paesan's - East Greenbush, NY

Stopped at Paesan's Pizza and restaurant at 273 Columbia Turnpike for pizza night. I had ordered a pepperoni pizza earlier and it was ready right on time.

Opening the box it was a very good looking pizza and I must say quite large compared to others. The pie had been cut for us pretty decently so no issue there. My first bite was ok as I was extra hungry.I finished my first piece unusually fast. I realized then it was a super thin crust pie. I dove into a second piece and I kinda felt the pizza was a bit light on the sauce and cheese. Pizza nook and I ate our pizza a touch disappointed and didn't discuss it much, very unusual because we love talking pizza. My guess is Paesan's is for a NY City style pizza with thin slices. Everyone has their preference but it didn't work this time for us. Paesan's was very nice and the staff was working really hard and gave us great service.

Our scores: Red Baron 72%, Pizza Nook 65%

Red Baron + The Pizza Nook


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