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Paesans Pizza - Albany,NY

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Decided to try our luck in the same general location as last week. Took a Friday night drive to Paesans Pizza at 289 Ontario St. Easy parking and in line in no time. Ordered a Large pepperoni Pizza and it was out rather quickly. Our really hot Pizza was also really good looking. The Pie was cut well and we had nothing to do but enjoy our pizza. Things take a turn here. a pretty large group of urban youths decided to make Paesans there hangout and changed the atmosphere drastically. Back to the pizza, not bad actually, thin crispy crust a pretty good ratio of all the usual ingredients, and it did have some taste to it. We ate 3 pieces each and must say we were happy with the pizza. This review will be brief due to our frustrations and the poor owners frustrations with the disruptive people from in off the street. I can't lie it ruined the atmosphere and that's kind a a shame because it was gonna be a better review then this.

If you know Albany at all you know this kind a thing can happen so let me just cut right to the score. Red Baron scored Paesans Pizza an %77 and the Pizza Nook scored a %81. One last time its too bad because they made us a decent Pizza. Red Baron +Pizza Nook.


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