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Papa Joe's Pizza - Fort Plain NY

As pizza professionals we are sometimes called on to take jobs outside our customary reviewing area. This was the case this week after getting request after request to visit Papa Joe's in Fort Plain, NY. After doing some research of others reviews we loaded up the Pizza Van and decided to make the trip. This better be good.

Parked on main St Fort Plain right across the St From Joel's and immediately noticed an awful lot of people going in and out. You'll even notice a door for entering and a door exclusively for leaving. due to traffic jams I would imagine. The reviews we read said if you want a great pizza simply order a large cheese pizza and that's what we did. A very friendly and busy staff took our order and asked us to take a seat. As we sat enjoying the view of main St you couldn't help but notice all the patrons coming and going. They even had a waiting area just for these occasions. We checked our time pieces and realized this was a little bit longer of a wait then usual , so lets hope this is a good sign, or is it just a backed up kitchen?

At the 30 minute mark our beautiful pizza arrives at the table with the warning, be careful its hot. Yes it was right out of the oven. We waited as long as we could which was probably 1 full minute and selected opening slices. First bite was really really good but as pro's on the job we didn't fall in love quit yet. 3 Bites in The Nook and I both said, lets figure out what's going on here. This pizza was absolutely delicious. I mean delicious in every way. I am not a thin crust person like the Nook is but what stood out was the crunch and crackle in every bite. This pizza was cooked very well. The cheese and sauce were both outstanding in there own way but seemed to compliment each other. There was a distinct olive oil and garlic smell and feel to this pizza but the box and plates were free of greasiness. I believe the nook and

I really went searching for what piece to pick up next as it took on a little more importance this night.

All this and 2 beverages for under $20.00 makes Papa Joe's a near perfect pizza experience. Would we recommend Joe's to get a pizza, YES. Is it worth the trip North, maybe yes it is. Overall the scores are as follows. The Red Baron scores Papa Joe's a %97 and The Pizza Nook scores a %98. On top of the huge scores for pizza the staff was very hardworking and friendly. We know nothing about the management at Joe's but somebody is a PIZZA MASTER!!!

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12 apr. 2022

You say all the pizza is good.

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