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Pizza Bella Westgate Plaza Albany

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Spur of the moment Pizza review night. Received a couple recommendations to go eat pizza at Bella Pizza in Westgate Plaza if we wanted to eat good pizza so off we went. Ordered a large pepperoni pizza and took our seats. The Place was very busy moving Pizza's out the door one after the other. Pizza arrived in a normal amount and looked good, Actually the Pie was made perfectly, I don't think i ever saw a pizza so perfectly round and symmetrical. Now the important part, how is the pizza. We choose our pieces and removed them easily to our plates with a perfect cut. A few bites in we both said this pretty good, and we ate more. We found ourselves saying a few more times, this is pretty good . Both the Nook and I said this is going to be a difficult pizza to score, there is no flaw in this pizza but still I think we both wanted some pizzaz. The sauce good, the cheese good the crust good but could have stayed in maybe a minute more. If had had to really scrutinize and be tough Nook and I agreed the dough was very chewy and not crispy but still tasted good. I guess were I am going here is we had no complaints at all, we certainly got what we paid for, a tasty good pizza. The staff was good and the premises was really clean.

Lets get to the scoring, Red Baron scores Pizza Bella a very good %88 and the Nook scores % 89 . Finale thoughts are if you go to Pizza Bella you can expect a good size pizza and a nice place to eat. We hope this was helpful.

1 comment

1 Comment

Mar 25, 2022

I eat my lunch there a couple times a week. It's pretty good. Manny

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