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Pizza Central - 1123 Central Ave, Albany NY

Let's get back to business after some time absent from Pizza reviews. Let's go find some great Pizza in the Capital District.

I always drive by Pizza Central and decided it was time to do more then window shop.

The Nook and I found ourselves ordering a large pepperoni Pizza on New Years Eve. I mention the date due to Pizza ovens are on overtime on special nights like this. The owner came and cleared a table for us and told us the pizza would be right out. It wasn't long and you can see this Pizza was large and very hot out of the oven. It looked really good. First bites we usually reserve comments but the tangy homemade sauce really caught our attention. Second and third bites had us talking. Really good crust, plentiful cheese and the slightest of olive oil glimmer extra.

The Owner asked several times how our pizza was and talked about the night he had ahead of him. His drivers all called in sick. Definitely a place to remember.

Overall, I have to say this Pizza was very good; the Nook and I both enjoyed the pleasant surprise. Get this: $12.95, pretty awesome price. I scored Pizza central a 91% and the nook scored it a big 94%. I have to tell you they are worth getting a pizza there, I'm pretty sure you will like it. Thank you, The Red Baron and The Pizza Nook.


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