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Pizza Cheez-Its

So I found myself searching the frozen pizza aisle at my local market because it's time for another review. A man was stocking the freezers with the 30 different frozen pizza's and I decided to ask him, "Hey, which pizza do you think is the best?" He answered, "Seriously, I don't care for many frozen pizza's but I did try something you may want to try. I found it better than frozen pizza."

I asked "Well ok, which one?" He said "No No. Aisle 7, get the cheese-itz pizza style." "What seriously?" I asked? He said yes, much better pizza than what we have in the freezer section. Ok so to aisle 7 I went, and brought home cheez-itz for me and the Pizza Nook. Nook and I decided to go all in and give them a fair shot, hey why not? After far less prep time then a homemade pizza or a frozen pizza, we were ready for our diner of cheez-itz pizza.

First bite, well, it caused the Nook and I to glare at each other with no words. As we gave our slices a fair chance and continued eating I said "what do you think". The Nook said, "well they're not terrible" and that kinda summed up my thoughts pretty well. But to be fair lets finish this cheez-its pie. We both finished our 1 piece and decided that was enough for today. Luckily we had plenty of leftovers to get us by. Our thoughts were, let's start sticking to the more conventional pies from now on. Although cheez-itz had an Italian flavour to it, it certainly wont be our choice on very many if any pizza nights.

Our final scores were, Red Baron %19 and Pizza nook %75????? When I asked her why so high, she said they're better than a few of the pizza's we've had so far? And she said "I love chees-itz". Well ok.

Seeya all soon, Red Baron +Pizza nook




Your not suppose to bake them, just eat them out of the box.


Thanks, we did not bake them. We just arranged them like that for fun :) - Pizza Nook

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