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Pizza King - 124 Jay St, Schenectady, NY

Back to work we go finding pizza to review for your pleasure. The Nook and I received some confidential and robust recommendations about a place called The pizza King @ 124 Jay St Schenectady. Off to do our thing we go. We were greeted by a friendly staff of 2 and a good looking pizza shop. I only mention this as it set the tone for what was to come. We made our typical order of half chicken parm and half cheese pizza. The 8 cut is considered the large pizza and in the oven it went. Our pizza was hot out of the oven in a regular 13 minutes, just the right amount of time to discuss things with the the Pizza Nook. Upon arrival you can see it's a great looking Pie. The Chicken parm side took a different look on today and we later found out it was the breading and method of preparing their own style Chicken. First bites were exceptional and made3 us glance at each other as if we were keeping secrets. After a few bites we spoke about just how good this pizza was. Maybe a slight bit oily is a weakness of mine, and this was right up my alley. The nook mentioned how different and good the chicken parm was and eyeballed a 3rd piece. The crust was a touch on the thinner side but not by a lot. The sauce was basic and good. The cheeses outstanding and as i mentioned that little bit of extra olive oil put this over the top for me. Boxed up the little we had left and got it home safely.. Someone reheated a piece even before the door was closed and went at it. Ok serious business time. We highly recommend the pizza King in Schenectady, well worth the trip. Our scores should reflect our feelings here so here we are. The Red Baron scores Pizza King a huge 96% test score and the Pizza nook scores a 98%. THese scores are an A + in anyone's scoring system. Here's to great Pizza, RB and The Nook.


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