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Pizza My Love - East Greenbush, NY

It's ladies night oh what a night. The Nook and I had to go our separate ways due to holiday commitments but that didn't stop her from getting a pizza to review out of sheer instinct. The group of ladies decided on a pizza from Pizza My Love at 501 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush. Decisions were made and a large pepperoni pizza was ordered and brought back to their lair for consumption. The ladies all commented on how nice the pizza looked in the box and couldn't wait to dig in. From the Nook's reports, all the ladies went about 3 bites each before critiquing. One of them, said "pretty good" (amatuer) with the next saying "omg I'm starved" but didn't mention the taste. The Nook, being a professional, said to herself this feels like a birthday party pizza with a mild taste and soft dough that kids would love. We all root for pizza to be great. Nook finished her first piece along with the group and did reach for another piece. Quoting the Pizza Nook, "Being the pro in the group and I wanted to get them the best pizza ever, I can't say it was bad, it just was not exciting to me, kInda typical in every way". Nook did mention how nice the staff was and appreciated the courtesy they showed. Final scores: Rebecca: 89 Melissa: 81 and the Pizza Nook 79. They can be tough. Till next time. Red Baron and Pizza Nook


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