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Pizza Sapienza - Albany, NY

Today we took reviews from the internet, and we found some interesting reviews about a local Pizzeria. Pizza Sapienza at 51 S Pearl St in Albany gets a lotta of attention so off we went to give them a try.

A frigid night didn't stop us or the large group of diners from getting in line to place pizza orders. The chef himself came out and took our order and said, give me 20 minutes for your pizza. Fair enough, the pizza was out in 14 minutes so hats off to the chef. Both the pizza Nook and I showed up for pizza review work very hungry and reminded each other this should not effect our scoring. Pizza arrived at our table straight from the kitchen very hot and ready. The cut of the pizza a little bit off leaving very large pieces and a few small pieces, this may not mean a lot to everyone but its part of the game and score. After 1 bite Pizza Nook said very good, I like this. I reserved my thought and wanted to go deeper into the game before announcing anything. Lets be fair here. The Nook tried a new approach and ate a lot of the crust early and said this crust is pretty darn good. Me the traditionalist was 4 bites into the slice and said ok not bad. My mouth recognized the cheese crust and sauce quickly. Yes, all good tastes Not being negative just the Pie is very typical. We took a box and brought the leftover's home.

If you're planning a pizza night out is Sapienza pizza good, yes, You wont get any surprises and the staff was all very nice. Final scores Red Baron %84 and Pizza Nook %89.

See you all again very soon with another local review.


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