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Pizza Uno - Albany, NY

Local Food expert says go to Pizza Uno Crossgates Mall Albany NY for a chance at pizza gold. I didn't have to be told twice so off the Nook and I went without hesitation. Actually waited in line awhile for seating in a pretty uncrowded place? As usual we ordered a large pizza and it didn't take very long to come out. As you can see in the picture it was cut into 16 pieces and yet we struggled to pull them apart just to get started. Always wanting fairness first I decided to let the pizza do the talking and hoped for the best. Ate 2 small pieces before we even said what we were thinking. Nook said, well this isn't bad, I said it reminds me of a kids birthday party pizza. Meaning, nothing about our pizza was overwhelming. Semi thin crust that was a bit doughy and the sauce and cheese didn't

scream anything to my taste buds. We found ourselves sitting in front of a very unexciting pizza. We really did hope for the best and always hope that everyone creates a masterpiece pizza, but today wasn't that day. I will agree with the Pizza nook that our pizza wasn't bad. Sorry that's the best I can say about our pizza experience at Uno's. Nook and I had both shared our memory of going there many years ago and remembering a much better effort. Oh well, no hard feelings on our part

Now to our scores. Red Baron scores Uno's pizza a %73 and the pizza nook scores a %76. If you remember out scoring system it is a passing grade. See ya soon Red Baron and the Pizza Nook. Keep those recommendations coming.

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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2022

i had there pizza,,its ok

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