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Pizzaroni - 420 Madison Ave, Albany NY

Let's get to work and review some pizza. Let's keep it professional and safe at the same time. Why do I say that? You'll see. decided to try out Pizzaroni at 420 Madison Ave. Who hasn't driven by or walk by this place 100 times in there life. I have never had there pizza and neither had the Nook. I know it's Lark St and Madison Ave so little to no parking and of course I know that's to be expected. Any ways we parked far away and made the trip. I cannot recommend you bring anyone you care about into that part of the city, just terrible. Entered Pizzaroni on a busy Friday night and made our way threw the short line to order. ! Large Pepperoni please. The staff not pleasant almost looked angry at me. Paid in advance and decided to leave a healthy tip hoping to chill the atmosphere, NOPE. Got our seats in a really nice addition and were pretty happy with the dining area. 20 minutes later our pizza was brought to our table and it looked really good. I was kinda turned off at this point but the look of the pizza started to turn things around. Pizza was cut perfectly and we dug in. My pizza partner the nook talked first and said, wow, this is really good, then said no its amazing. I think I wasn't rooting for this pizza but after 2 bites I knew they knew how to make a pizza. Here are some of the comments the Nook and I made while eating. Wow, this crust is so thin yet crispy as hell. This sauce is sweet and matches the cheese perfectly. Save me your crust. I can't wait for my next piece. Man, we stumbled upon an MVP pizza, really. We expected average for street pizza and were feed close to perfect pizza. Even now I hesitate to say more good things but this pizza was light, flavorful, crispy and well worth the trip. But, you better be able to take care of yourself. In a weird kind a way I made it a point to say thank you for the great pizza and let the staff know. That just didn't help a thing?

Here is the professional part, we have to score this Pizza fairly and judge only the pizza. The Red Baron of Pizza scores Pizzaroni a %97 and the First lady of Pizza "The Pizza Nook" scored a %98. You've read all I want to say about this place so here is my finale thought. I'd say you order there pizza but get it delivered. I thinks that's fair.. Unless something goes wrong you're going to really like it.

More reviews to come, summer is pizza season, so is Fall and Winter and Spring. RB + Pizza Nook.


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