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PJ's Pizza - Albany, NY

For weeks the Capital District Pizza Review hotline has been blowing up with requests to review PJ's Pizza at 27 Ontario St. Albany. Not to disappoint, and wanting to meet the wishes of the many followers, the Nook and I made the plan. Step 1: Order a large 8 cut pepperoni pizza. Step 2: Drive to pick it up. And, 3: Hopefully enjoy the heck outta it. We ordered during their rush hour and were told 20 minutes and we got it in 17 minutes, very nice hustle, no one was standing around in there it was move it move it move it. We got our pizza home, as there isn't dining in available. As you can see from the picture this was a great looking pizza. Still very warm from our drive, we dug in. First impressions ,very good. Excellent cheese which came up a lot during this pizza experience, "hey good cheese flavor", "yeah great cheese". Nook noticed the crust was thin and chewy which she liked a lot, slightly different from other places. I had to agree the crust was appealing. We ate a lot of our pie and the conversation continues along the lines of, yeah this is good pizza. Would we order it again, heck yes. Should you, heck yes. My description is a standard pizza made very well with a great cheese ratio and a thinner tasty crust. Once again I'd like a little more sauce but I realize that's not everyone's choice. I would say today's pizza review was very typical and because of the great pizza an easy assignment. Now to our scoring, I liked this pizza and would score it a 90% with the pizza nook scoring it a 87%. Thank you to our hotline followers for the recommendation to try PJ'S Pizza. You should try it too.


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