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Price Chopper/Market32 Pizza

Ok everyone, I know Price Chopper won't be your go to spot for date night, but you have probably seen their pizza section. Here goes a Price Chopper pizza review. A Price Chopper pizza is available in slices or a whole pie. I mention this because it makes a difference in quality. A slice left sitting can be unappetizing.

I ordered a large Price Chopper pizza with pepperoni for Pizza Nook and I to share. We could even see it being made from over the counter, and were granted permission to take a picture of the pizza coming out of the oven! Its rectangle appearance gets a "not bad". Be prepared to cut a lot of the slices yourself, a slight nuisance but

noteworthy. First bites were very good. The crust is heavy and thick compared to other pizzerias. The cheese and sauce is a little light but adequate for a good bite. Quality of ingredients tasted "so-so". The pizza was good overall, and the word that can be best used to describe it is "typical". Something to note was the crust hardens up fast and it ma

kes good leftovers the next day due to the hardness of crust - no sogginess after re


The Red Baron scores the pizza a solid 77% and the Pizza Nook scores 85%. Who's kidding who, we will eat it again in a pinch. See you next time!


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