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Ralph's Tavern - Colonie, NY

The Colonie locals have flooded the pizza hotline for months now recommending Ralph's Tavern, Colonie. Not one to let fans down the Nook and I readied ourselves for another pizza adventure hoping to strike Pizza Gold. Reservations were made as we know ralph has a huge following. Good thing we did this Saturday night, Ralph's was busy!!! Placed our order of a large cheese and pepperoni pizza. Service was great and the pizza arrived fast. The rectangle pie is Ralphs delivery method and I was hoping the finicky Nook was still onboard The Pizza Express. No issue. A very hot first bite tasted pretty darn good. Both of our initial comments were about how hot it was, but said not bad. We settled in and wanted to really give this pizza our attention and we ate and paid close attention to everything. A little oily but I always enjoy that. The Nook said the ingredients were all very tasty and even though she isn't a sweet sauce person she said this all works. Who is kidding who, we ate a lot. And that's gotta count for something. If your thing is a softer crust, heavy on the oil and a sweet sauce then Ralph's pizza may be for you. The Nook and I decided to score our pizza right on the spot instead of the usual think tank ride home. I gave Ralph's a respectable 86% with a side note of there were no leftovers. The pizza nook scores Ralphs a happy 82%. Let me say it one more time we brought no leftovers home from Ralphs, so you might wanna consider Pizza there.


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