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Rare Form - Troy, NY

Who could have guessed The Pizza Nook had a day off and found herself sitting in front of a pizza with friends. The Nook and her friends ordered Pizza at Rare Form Brewing Co @ 90 Congress St Troy. The Brewing company runs a nice Sunday special of a buy 1 get 1 pizza special.. Nook ordered Pepperoni Pizza's and the crew waited in a friendly atmosphere for there Pie's. Nook didn't leave home that day thinking she would be doing an impromptu pizza review, but here she was starring in the face of a nicely delivered Pepperoni Pizza. The Gang all bit in at once and Nook was impressed with the crunchy crust. Everyone noted there was plenty of cheese, with extra even falling to the plates. Her sauce was tangy she and the crew remarked. Quoting Nook here "I think they bought high quality pepperoni from a local farmers market" She said it made the pizza outstanding.

Everyone said they enjoyed there pizza a lot and wouldn't mind coming back for the Sunday special. Todays scores go in the books with an asterisk because the judges are a mix of Profession and amateur Pizza people. The Nook couldn't wait to reveal her score of %93 *Scott scored a %91 and *Karissa %92. Not bad scoring for amateurs.

So the crew recommends you maybe go get a pizza at Rare Form any day of the week but remember Sundays are buy 1 get 1.

Signing off Red Baron and Pizza Nook

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Their pizza is strangely good!

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