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Red Baron Frozen Pizza

Won't waste a lot of time here on this review, straight to the point. Wanted to review Red Baron Pizza from a lot of the talk about it. We hold certain feelings about Frozen pizza , not all good so here we go. A fancy box with easy cooking instructions. The pizza came out looking a little burnt on the edges. Just about zero sauce even with an inspection and no oil remnants what so ever. A little overdone but we actually cooked it a little less than recommended. Actually got a surprise as the crust was crunchy. The Nook said its not really bad at all. We don't always agree.

Not to waste your time: The Red Baron scores the Red Baron Pizza a % 55 and The nook scores a % 71.. It could have been worse. Thankyou for listening, see ya soon. RB + PN

1 comment

1 Comment

Jun 07, 2022

It Don't look so bad, you pizza snobs.

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