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Romo's Pizza - Feura Bush, NY

Another Friday night another pizza review I asked my associates for a strong recommend and 2 voices rang out, Try Romo's in Feura Bush . So off we went. Note* Before the pizza review Romo's is a very nice place and comfortable.

Ok so, we ordered our pizza 1/2 cheese 1/2 buffalo chicken. As usual it arrived in a timely fashion. Good looking pizza right off the bat The pizza was cut very well with a full size serving utensil that fit the slices perfectly. Kinda a nice little extra. After just one bite my famous partner the Pizza Nook and i agreed this was delicious. As we mowed down slice after slice we talked about how much we liked it. Some of the Nooks quotes were this is a perfect crust, lets come back and eat here again. I also enjoyed the medium thickness crust but the sauce sealed the deal for me, very good. We ate hardy and took very little home. I could bore you with more details but this isn't science class its pizza eating and reviewing .I do want to add that Romo's was a great place and we both recommend that you go there and get a pizza. But only if you love pizza like we do.

Our finale scores were Red Baron%95 and the Pizza Nook %98 her highest rating to date.

See you next time with more reviews. Red Baron +Pizza nook


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