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Sara Bella Pizzeria - Albany/Colonie, NY

With so many recommendations flowing in to our hotline it wasn't easy to choose where to go for our next review. With a wrong turn our journey became easy. On our must visit list was The Sara Bella pizzeria, and we accidently found ourselves nearby.

The Sara Bella is located at 391 Sand Creek road Albany/Colonie. We entered a nice and neat pizzeria and placed our order. The dining area is nice and made for eating pizza. We ordered the large pepperoni pizza and it was out in no time. The chef himself brought it out and was excited to see that we were excited about it. What a great looking pie he had made for us. The pizza was cut perfect and slice selections were made. I always try to get the larger piece and Nook goes for the most toppings. Very hot outta the oven we both fought with our first bites. Second and third bites brought out our inner thoughts. Nook made it really clear this pizza was a winner. I let her say it a few times before I had no choice but to agree. Medium thickness crust, a sweet sauce and really plentiful cheese made this pizza kind of perfect. We both noticed a little bit of extra greasiness, but that's kinda my style and made me wish I had shown up a little more hungry then I did. Let me quote my partner the Pizza Nook, "Now this is what a pizza should taste like." We were supplied with a box and brought the extra home and we both went after it in the morning.

Our night at Sara Bella was one of our more enjoyable pizza nights. Very courteous young lady working the front and a great chef. Side note, many pizza pie's were going out that door while we were there. No doubt others have found Sara Bella to be a pizza home run. That was a nice place to review. Lets look at the scores. Red Baron %92 and Pizza Nook %97

Thank you for reading our review and we hope it was helpful. Red Baron and Pizza Nook

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