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Scubbers Pizza - Colonie, NY

Headed to Colonie for some Scubbers Pizza at 186 Wolf Road. Scubbers advertises a wood fired pizza which always excites this Pizza team. A nice location for sure and very easy drive right up parking. .

A simple menu which to me meant this place is going to smash a home run pizza right in our faces. Ordered a large 14" inch pepperoni Pizza from a very nice staff person and waited outside where they have some seats. Pizza out fast and it def looked wood fired hot and well done. Selected slices and nothing to do now but enjoy and score. First bites were kind of unscoreable because of the piping hot pizza. The next few bites we both agreed, hmm, lets think about this? Finished slice one and The Nook a little more talkative then I, said, well it is wood fired but something is off. I always root for the Pizza maker and wanted her to be wrong. Lets get specific. Our dough was done for sure but really not crispy, more of like a doughy texture. Yep, bit after bit my brain and mouth said plain dough, almost like bread. Our sauce was defiantly home made as it still had pieces of Marzano tomato spread all over but it just didn't hit you. The cheese to be honest and this pains the Pizza lover in me was not flavorful. Nook even said it doesn't feel like we are eating pizza. Who does not like a little shiny olive oil on there pizza and I cannot say it was there. We did get the Pizza and a drink for under $20 so they are very reasonable. You know what, it could have just been an off night, we all have them. Great location, comfortable dining, reasonable price but i am going to stop there. The scores, Red Baron scores a %69 and Pizza Nook a %60. I hate a less then favorable review, sorry folks maybe next time. Red Baron and Pizza Nook


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