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Sliders Rensselaer

A little out of schedule this week but here goes another review coming to you from Slider's Pizza on Broadway in Rensselaer. No dining in so we brought home a large cheese pizza. The trip home wasn't without event as i found out the Nook does NOT like or even tolerate square or rectangle pizza. This being said we have to keep this professional and judge pizza by a lot of different factors. Taste and overall enjoyability.

Ok so here goes, as you can see the pizza was ok looking, maybe a little burnt cheese but ok. Selecting slices was not as easy as usual as the nook wasn't happy with the shape of our pizza. My first bite told me this pizza was going to taste exactly as it looked. An ok taste but to be more specific ratios were outta whack. Some slices were stuffed with the pizza goodies and others were manly crust. I know some people would say this is a good thing you can choose what you like but overall probably not what the pizza lovers out there really want. I reminded nook to keep this professional and she said the pizza isn't bad, but im not going to order it again. I moved on to piece 2 and 3 and can say i was hungry and was enjoying my pizza night to a certain degree. Nook you cant lie, you had 3 pieces. Was the dough good ,yeah, Sauce,yes again. Plenty of cheese so no knock there.

I realize we have painted a picture of an ok pizza. Lets just finish this up with the overall scoring. I gave Slider's a score of 79% and the Nook scores it a %59 but says I'm sorry i just cant do better then that. Plus we did receive fast service and a friendly staff and a fair price. See you all soon. Red Baron and the Pizza nook.


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