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Sovrana Pizza - Albany, NY

Today the Nook and I are off to a legendary Pizza Hotspot In Albany. Sovrana Pizza is talked about and enjoyed for decades by so many. Lets go see how the legend holds up. A local pizza Master asked if he could make our Pizza for us and we were so pleased to accept. Ordered a Large cheese pizza for pickup as eat in is very limited. Carl was very excited to show off his pizza skills and brought out our large pie and hoped we enjoyed it. A very welcoming

place and Large pizza was $11.95, pretty hard to beat.

Got the pizza home and you can see it was a beautiful classic cheese pizza. Cut well Nook and I decided on slices and went to work. No words spoken for a good 3 bites. Both parties agreed this isn't bad. Things went a little sideways here as Nook said I have to pay close attention, something is off. As a veteran Of Sovrana Pizza I knew what she was going to come up with. She said this is very doughy, and I mean very doughy. I said is does seem to be a bit dough dominating but lets keep going. I enjoyed the pizzas cut, its cheese and sauce but did notice it lacked some olive oil or added flavor. Nook said she was very hungry and ate more but voiced her doughy concerns multiple times. We ate 3 pieces each and said ok lets score this Baby.

Before scoring my thoughts were this would be a great winter time pizza very big and there is the word again dough dominated. Nook said not my favorite pizza. So with all good things considered here are our honest scores. Red Baron scores Sovrana Pizza a %78 and Pizza Nook scores a a respectable %81. When we thought about it, if your into lotsa dough and chewiness this might be right up your alley. Overall still a great experience. Nice People, nice pizza and Hometown Albany. See ya soon RB and PN


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